How can a Private Speech and Language Therapist Help your Child?

Ensuring that children are able to communicate to the best of their abilities is one of the greatest assets we can give them. From birth, children begin to learn the basics of hearing and play as building blocks on which to place later more complex tasks such as talking and writing. Our world is rich in language, ideas and the exchange of information, early interventions for those who might be struggling is crucial to ensure the best development opportunities possible.

So what can you expect from your child’s appointment with a private speech and language therapist? At Rhind Speech Therapy we ask you to complete an assessment form prior to your first meeting, so that we have a clear picture of the entire history to date. A calm and fun atmosphere insures that your child’s assessment provides a true reflection, as they are relaxed and happy to work with the therapist. Older children will require a more in depth appraisal which takes slightly longer. We offer two levels of evaluation, from the targeted analysis of a particular difficulty to a complete report on all aspects of communication.

We are happy to undertake therapy wherever it is most appropriate, this might be at your house, school, or at our clinic for half an hour or up to an hour. We deliver a specialised programme based around fun activities where your child won’t even realise they are working. Give your child the confidence and skills to communicate at their very best with our effective and easy to implement treatment system.