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Justine Rhind is a PROMPT Certified Therapist and Instructor, and the only PROMPT Certified Instructor in the U.K. She has over 25 years-experience as a Speech and Language Therapist, and provides services for children of all ages.

She looks forward to being part of your journey.

Justine Rhind BSC (Hons)

SPA, Hcpc registered, MASLTIP.

I contacted Justine about my 2.5 year old after his nursery raised some concerns about his mouth regularly being open and excess dribbling. Justine took the time to thoroughly understand the issue and the flags that nursery had identified as well as a detailed background of my son's life to date. She then provided us with some very useful advice but concluded we wouldn't benefit from treatment at this stage. I really appreciated her friendly and pragmatic communication and felt reassured after speaking with her that I knew how to help my son. I appreciated the time she invested, especially given it didn't result in any specific work for her. Thank you!


Justine is an amazing therapist, my daughter has been lucky enough to see her in London weekly for Prompt therapy for the past 3 years. My daughters speech has improved so much as a result of her seeing Justine every week. I’m so grateful she gets to see Justine and can’t recommend her enough.


I would recommend working with Justine, she is very kind, very patient and has found the perfect way to make my child understand, thank you so much Justine.


Rhind Speech Therapy

Rhind Speech Therapy, founded in 2015 by Justine on her return to the UK after 15 years in Australia, is an expanding organisation. The team of highly specialised Speech and Language Therapists provide services from clinics based in Shrewsbury and London.

Rhind Speech Therapy services are unique, because the team of exceptional therapists specialise in providing PROMPT Therapy for children with Speech and Language difficulties.

Therapy is delivered to promote intelligible speech, develop language skills and enhance social interaction, so as to develop your child’s best communication.

Therapy will be bespoke, engaging, and delivered through play, interactive communicative settings, academic, social and daily routines.

Given the nature of their skill base, and the increasing demand for PROMPT services we do see clients from all around the U.K. The team also provides online Tele-Health Services.

Meet The Team

PROMPT Therapy

The PROMPT approach is a holistic intervention package, allowing Speech and Language Therapists to work effectively to improve integration of speech, language and social skill within an individual who as challenges in one or more of these areas. So that an individual can reach their full potential.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about PROMPT, use the find out more button below

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Clinic Locations

Rhind Speech Therapy operates from two locations. Shrewsbury and London. We also provides Tele-Health Services.

All clinic rooms provide a perfect space for therapy. We feel creating the best therapy space is important. This is why our toys, our rooms, and our clinicians are friendly, welcoming and interesting. It’s the detail that contributes to your child trusting our clinicians and enjoying the journey.

Clinic Locations


Justine will take you through the process, so that you have a full understanding of what to expect from your child ‘s therapy. Please select an image below to find out more…

Information on Speech and Language Difficulties

In this section you will find some general information, given to help you understand the number of co-existing skills that are needed to achieve ‘communication’, and subsequently ‘literacy development’.

A weakness in any one of the areas discussed below, may result in difficulties with communication, social interaction, learning, behaviour, literacy, speech production, attention, etc.

Once an assessment has been completed by one of our therapists, we will know which area(s) need strengthening and from there we will design bespoke therapy programmes delivered in a fun, focused and effective way.

We aim to release your child’s communicative potential which is integral to their future, social, emotional and academic success.

Speech sounds start emerging when an infant starts to babble and continue to develop throughout early childhood up to approximately 8 years. All children develop uniquely, although usually follow a typical developmental pathway. Read More
The day your child does what you tell them to do is a memorable day! It is amazing when your little toddler actually goes and gets the ball, puts his nappy in the bin, or gives Daddy the shoes following your instruction. Read More
Literacy difficulty can arise from any of the areas discussed. Research has found a direct link between delayed development of receptive and expressive language, phonological processing, speech sound production and literacy difficulties / Dyslexia. Developing strong speech and language skills is an essential platform for the acquisition of literacy. Read More
We are able to carry out assessments, diagnose and see children with Social Communication Disorders. Children with Social Communication Disorders will have difficulties using language for social purposes, for example holding conversations, telling stories and using figurative language. There are a range of evidence-based interventions which may focus on understanding 'unwritten' social rules, comprehending ambiguous language or regulating emotions. Read More
Phonological Awareness Skills allows child to discriminate, recognize, store and manipulate sounds at phoneme, word and sentence level. For example identifying and manipulating phonemes, syllables, rhyme, and phonemic substitutions are all very important Phonological Processing Skills. Developing strong Phonological Processing Skills is necessary for the acquisition of literacy skill. Read more
Children with developmental Language Disorders often start speaking later than other children. Children with Receptive and Expressive Language Disorder have difficulty making meaningful relationships, learning at school and demonstrating their true potential. Read more
Attention is a skill that develops. We would not expect an 18 month old child to sit and watch a whole movie but by three years of age some children are certainly able to sit for much longer periods and longer movies! Read More
Auditory Processing Disorder can be hard to diagnose. It can often look like an attention related difficulty or even a receptive language impairment. Unaddressed it can become a literacy difficulty and cause serious problems for a child learning in a busy classroom. Read More

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