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Rhind Speech Therapy services are unique, because the team of exceptional therapists specialise in providing PROMPT Therapy for children with Speech and Language difficulties.

Services are provided in a welcoming, sensory-basest, therapeutic setting.

Therapy is delivered to promote intelligible speech, develop language skills and enhance social interaction, so as to develop your child’s best communication.

Therapy will be bespoke, engaging, and delivered through play, interactive communicative settings, academic, social and daily routines.

The team uses evidence based practice, advanced clinical decision making skills, and together have a wide range of special interest areas and therefore skills.

They meet regularly, keep up to date on current research and therapy approaches, whilst sharing ideas.

They are passionate about delivering the best possible service.

They enjoy what they do, and always have fun.

Meet our Team Here.

Our mission is to provide the best possible Speech and Language Therapy, so we are always learning, researching and practicing.

If you are interested in joining the team contact us!

Join the Team

I contacted Justine about my 2.5 year old after his nursery raised some concerns about his mouth regularly being open and excess dribbling. Justine took the time to thoroughly understand the issue and the flags that nursery had identified as well as a detailed background of my son's life to date. She then provided us with some very useful advice but concluded we wouldn't benefit from treatment at this stage. I really appreciated her friendly and pragmatic communication and felt reassured after speaking with her that I knew how to help my son. I appreciated the time she invested, especially given it didn't result in any specific work for her. Thank you!


Justine is an amazing therapist, my daughter has been lucky enough to see her in London weekly for Prompt therapy for the past 3 years. My daughters speech has improved so much as a result of her seeing Justine every week. I’m so grateful she gets to see Justine and can’t recommend her enough.


I would recommend working with Justine, she is very kind, very patient and has found the perfect way to make my child understand, thank you so much Justine.


You have been a magician for Tristan!


Justine you are an amazing,caring and passionate lady. We can't thank you enough.

Trisha and Marcus

Dear Justine, Thank you for being so wonderful and caring for Damien the way you have we really appreciate everything you have done for him.

Damien & Maria

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With a growing practice, I have a team of admin staff who will liaise with you to register your interest, set things in motion, organise your free 15 minute consultation, and confirm assessments and therapy slots. This is the most effective and streamlined way of accessing myself and the therapy team.